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A sustainable approach to furniture retail.

Barker and Stonehouse approached us to help communicate its sustainability strategy to customers, press and key stakeholders. 

Environmental accountability is no longer a topic that brands can shy away from; consumers are demanding greater transparency and reassurance from retailers that the products they buy aren’t causing undue harm to the planet.

Sustainability has been a central part of Barker and Stonehouse’s ethos for over a decade and eco-friendly initiatives have been woven into almost every part of the business. 

Our job was to bring these elements together and shape them into a cohesive narrative that was easy for audiences to digest. It needed to carry weight, so numbers and data were important, but it couldn’t be too technical either – a balance needed to be struck.

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We decided to create one central asset, a brochure that explored each area of the business in detail.

Blue corner sofa from Barker and Stonehouse's sustainable Big Blue range

Having created the sustainability brochure we were able to break the stories down into smaller pieces of content, bringing data to life with short animations and graphics, which could be used across social media, e-mail and the website.


Establishing Baker and Stonehouse as a market leader when it came to sustainability in the eyes of the press was a key objective. To do this, we maintained ongoing conversations with our media contacts around the initiatives that the retailer had put in place, offering insights, updates and comment wherever needed.


Roles in the project included campaign strategy, design, animation, copywriting and press outreach.

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