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Putting the wow into WOW!house.

This month, the award-winning designer showcase, WOW!house, has returned to Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for its third instalment.

More than 20 leading industry names and rising stars from across the globe have been given the opportunity to showcase their unbounded creativity and talent, freed from client briefs and constraints. The result is 19 spectacular rooms and outdoor spaces, each exuding inspiration and rich in detail, context and layers.

Though each designer and team has taken an individual and unique approach to their room, together these form a cohesive and harmonious whole which will shape style, aesthetics and design direction over the coming year.

Our interiors team visited WOW!house to take a tour of the space and swooned over the stunning roomsets adorned with rich wallcoverings and statement furniture and enhanced by Diptyque scents. Here’s a round-up of their highlights.

The Rug Company dining room by Ken Fulk

The formal dining room is en vogue once more and its status as a coveted must-have has been cemented with The Rug Company dining room by Ken Fulk.

The starting point for this extraordinary space was, of course, a bespoke rug created for The Rug Company. The piece, ‘A Life Reflected’ takes inspiration from traditions of storytelling in Delft and Azulejo tilework dating back to the 14th Century and is sure to be a conversation starter at any dinner party. A vast antique table at the centre of the space is invitingly laid with tableware and ceramics in blue and pink hues, further enriching the room with pattern, colour and character. And whilst the floor is the foundation of the space, Fulk ensured that the ceiling or ‘the fifth wall’ is not overlooked. It features ornamental mouldings and coffers printed with drawings by the Ken Fulk art department and at its centre, hangs a large and eye-catching chandelier crafted from hundreds of recycled PET bottles by Thierry Jeannot.

As Sister Sledge, “Thinking of You” played in the background, it set the scene for a dinner party to be remembered. Finally, Diptyque Figuier fills the air with the subtle fruity scent of fig trees, resulting in a dining room that serves up a veritable feast for the senses.


Image credit: Milo Brown for House & Garden

Tissus d'Hélène Drawing Room by Guy Goodfellow

Visitors are transported to sunnier climates upon entering the Tissus d'Hélène Drawing Room by Guy Goodfellow, which is light-filled and features an inviting day bed positioned next to a window overlooking the imaginary garden.

The space is anchored by its architectural features – imposing arches and a large French antique limestone fireplace by Thornhill Galleries. The blending together of antiques and contemporary artwork creates a timeless drawing room, unharnessed to a particular location, style or period, but one which invites the visitor to linger for a while. The Drawing Room was so richly storied, it invited visitors to settle down with a glass or two and spend hours tucked away in this beautiful abode.  


Image credit: Milo Brown for House & Garden

House of Rohl Primary Bathroom by Michaelis Boyd

Architecture and interior design firm, Michaelis Boyd, imagines the bathroom as a sanctuary within the home and champions the ongoing trend for quiet luxury with its WOW!house space.

The clay plaster walls feel luxurious, yet organic, and are complemented by a pale green colour palette, reminiscent of nature. Zellige checkerboard tiles, a double vanity unit and a bespoke mural elevate the bathroom from a functional space to a serene sanctuary that promotes wellness. The space includes curved silhouettes, found throughout the room, from the ‘Koyohen Border’ wall of the shower zone to the cosy-cave-like niche which houses the sculpted bathtub, creating a place of tranquillity that cossets its visitors.


Image credit: James McDonald for Homes & Gardens

Schumacher Courtyard Bedroom by Veere Grenney Associates

There is further evidence that the trend for quiet luxury is going nowhere with the Schumacher Courtyard Bedroom by Veere Grenney Associates which celebrates the art of understatement with its calm colour palette.

Inspired by his former bedroom, Veere Grenney has filled the space with his newest fabrics for American brand, Schumacher. Restrained and effortlessly chic, the walls of the space are enveloped in large scale, brown ‘Woodman Check’, with the same fabric also chosen for the curtains that line both the window and the four-poster bed. The courtyard bedroom perfectly demonstrates how the use of repeated patterns can look pared-back and contemporary.


Image credit: Milo Brown for House & Garden

Sitting Room by Sophie Ashby for United in Design

The informal sitting room by Sophie Ashby was created in partnership with United in Design, the charity Ashby co-founded with interior designer, Alexandria Dauley to address the lack of diversity in the interior design industry.

The carefully curated, yet vibrant space features an array of playful furniture designed by a range of practices including Wilkinson & Rivera and Studio Mesame whilst colourful paintings by fashion designer, Rejina Pyo adorn the walls. Pieces created by Ashby and her studio are scattered throughout the space including the latest softly curved iteration of her ‘Sculpted’ sofa. Ashby’s approach layers together colours, styles and shapes and results in a creative sitting room that feels laid-back and relaxed.

From the floors to the ceilings, our interiors team discovered an extraordinary showhouse, packed with detail and inspiration. We look forward to returning next year.

WOW!house will be open to the public until 4th July. Tickets are available here and a portion of each ticket price will be donated to United in Design.


Image credit: Milo Brown for House & Garden

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