We fuel brands
with ambition.

We’ve done it all. But our passion and pride for going beyond the brief shines as strongly as ever. Got ambition? We’ll get you there.

Brand Strategy.

Fusing insight and transformational thinking, we kickstart your brand towards colossal success. Firstly, we work with you to set our sights on a destination, then we create a solid game-plan to get you there.

Case Studies:
herdysleep, Sleepeezee

Content Strategy.

Content is anything and everything your brand chooses to communicate – but there’s an art to it. Knowing what to say is one thing. Knowing how, when and where to say it is another. We can help you with it all.

Case Studies:
Ercol X 2LG, Barker and Stonehouse, EGGER

Media & PR.

What good is building a great interiors brand if people aren’t getting to hear about it? Our in-house team of award-winning journalists, content creators and media specialists put our Media & PR offer on point.

Case Studies:
ercol's Centenary Campaign, Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, herdysleep, Duresta for Matthew Williamson, ercol x 2LG

Influencer Campaigns.

Progressive ideas are spreading fast through hi-lo mash-ups, hype-culture, limited-edition drops and star ambassadors. It’s an exciting space, and we’re at our best when pushing the boundaries of possibility. Don’t get left behind.

Case Studies:
Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, ercol x 2LG

Product Launches.

We know a thing or two about putting products into people’s hands. So, if you’ve got something to share with the world, let us shout about it using our strategic, insight-driven and cost-effective approach.

Case Studies:
Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, herdysleep, Duresta for Matthew Williamson, EGGER

Brand Collabs.

Stay on-point online or influential in person, with experiential occasions and cut-through collabs designed to connect. We create and cultivate cultural and commercial partnerships for maximum impact.

Case Studies:
ercol x 2LG, Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, Sleepeezee, Duresta for Matthew Williamson

Digital & Web.

When it comes to the web, we’ve got spidey senses. Whether it’s for trailblazing apps or intuitive websites, our experts tailor UX journeys with real people in mind - building awareness, driving traffic, and getting results you can measure.

Case Studies:
Sleepeezee, EGGER, Barker and Stonehouse: Sustainability 

Photography & Art Direction.

We work with virtuoso photographers and eagle-eyed art directors to turn run-of-the-mill shoots into out-of-this-world creative output.

Case Studies:
herdysleep, Duresta for Matthew Williamson, EGGER, ercol x 2LG, Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse


If a picture speaks a thousand words, then imagine how much a bloody good film could say? If you want to build trust, increase engagement and entertain your audience with quality video content, we can make it happen.

Case Studies:
ercol x 2LG, Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, Barker and Stonehouse: Sustainability, EGGER


Whether digitally or in-person (and we much prefer in-person) we have extensive experience in creative event planning. When you bring the right people together in one room, anything is possible. Plus, it’s fun!

Case Studies:
Barker and Stonehouse: Gateshead Store Launch, Drew Pritchard for Barker and Stonehouse Customer Events, herdysleep Press Launch, Duresta for Matthew Williamson Harrods Launch

Copywriting & Graphic Design.

Brand awareness really doesn’t count for much if you’ve got nothing relevant to say once you’re in the spotlight (and you’d best be looking the part too). At Cool Blue we craft a unique visual and verbal identity for your brand. So when you show up, people take notice. And when you speak, people listen.

Case Studies:
herdysleep, Drew Pritchard x Barker and Stonehouse, Barker and Stonehouse: Sustainability


Our favourite thing about animation is that anything is possible! Whether you’re showing your customers a slick ‘how-to’ or taking them to Jupiter on a flying-pig, the only limit is imagination.

Case Studies:
EGGER, Barker and Stonehouse: Sustainability

Seen enough?


Barker and Stonehouse: Gateshead Store Launch

Unveiling the new £5m store.


ercol x 2LG

Reaching millions with a message or pride.


French Bedroom

A luxury bedroom furniture brand. 


Duresta & Matthew Williamson

Fashion forward. 

3D model of 'A Moment of Calm' creative concept


Imagine. Create. Egger. 

Green bed with white sheets and green cushions and throws


Out-of-the-box brand strategy. 


Barker and Stonehouse & Drew Pritchard

Launching a furniture first. 

a black and white image of the original ercol chair factory in High Wycombe

ercol: Centenary Campaign

A 100 years of craft. 



Reawakening a sleeping giant. 


Barker and Stonehouse: A Story of Sustainability

A sustainable approach to furniture retail. 


Cool Blue is a full-service agency that pays special attention to the interiors sector. We make waves in the home and lifestyle world, whether by helping brands find new relevancy or supercharging their sales, our strategic expertise makes brands like yours achieve their goals.

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